Who I really dream to Be

I’ve never tried to write something in English.

It’s always been the second language for me and I’ve never used it seriously as a formal communication tool.

My sister, she goes places..like Europe, the US, etc. Her man is German and he speaks fluent English.

My brother, he works in an English kindergarden in Hiroshima. Teaches the children English..I think.

My point is that

I’m the only one in the family not so keen to English daily.

Well it’s not that I hate it, but it’s always been an essence that keeps me and the Japanese people a bit far in a cultural way.

I never wanted to be looked down as a foreigner in Japan. So my goal as a teenager was to be Japanese than anybody around me.

I believe that’s what kept me a little far from who I originaly am.

I am double cultured

and nobody can change this fact.

Thank you for reading what I had to say today. Something very rear to do in the past few years.

Hoping to see myself being more and more open to knowing who I really dream to be.

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